UBC consists of six rounds. The first five are all worth 10 points – highlighting that no one skill is more important than any other. A great bartender is one who can master them all.

The four contestants with the highest scores from those first five rounds go through to the final challenge to face off against one another and determine the winner.

Challenge 1


  • The quiz consists of five rounds – increasing in difficulty – of 10 quick-fire questions:
    - Round 1: Knowledge
    - Round 2: History
    - Round 3: Trending & Topical
    - Round 4: Classic Drinks
    - Round 5: Hardcore
  • You will be given two minutes per question to work out the answer, with each correct answer worth 0.2 points for a maximum score of 10 points
  • Your host will read out questions from a screen and the multiple-choice answer options
  • Write your answers on the sheets filling in the WHOLE CIRCLE and return them for marking
  • Answer all questions with either A, B, C or D
  • You don’t lose points for a wrong answer, so make sure that you write something for each question
  • As in real life, you can use your phone for help, but you’ll be disqualified if you take photos of the quiz screen
Challenge 2
A man with a black hat pouring a drink


  • You will be required to accurately pour five drinks using water
  • Each drink will have up to six pours. Each pour must be done separately
  • You will need to pour the respective ml volume into a shaker and then pour the total liquid quantity into the glassware on the digital scales, for example:

    - 1x pour = shot – shot glass on digital scale – 30ml pour = 30g

    - 2x pours = Manhattan – coupé glass on digital scale, 60ml and 15ml pour = 75g
  • Free pouring or the use of measures is allowed – we will provide some basic jiggers but you are welcome to bring your own
  • A total of 10 points are up for grabs
A man with a black hat pouring a drink
Challenge 3


  • Five different alcohols are are presented in opaque black cups
  • You will have a total of THREE minutes to nose all five cups, identify what’s inside and write the answers down!
  • For each of the five cups, you need to identify the spirit category for 1 point and what ingredients that spirit is made from for a further point
  • A total of 10 points is available
  • Write your answers on the sheets provided then hand them back to us for marking
Challenge 4
A waiter holding three drinks


  • Eight coasters will be placed around a table, each with a picture of a Monkey Shoulder Brand Ambassador on
  • You must take the order by turning over the coasters to reveal the drinks that person would like, then turning it back over
  • You must then head to the bar and collect the drinks, avoiding the obstacles along the way.
  • Once the judge has checked the drinks, you must clear the table
  • You have three minutes to complete this challenge.
  • A total of 10 points are up for grabs
Challenge 5


  • You have to make one Monkey Shoulder cocktail as quickly and accurately as possible
  • The serves is a Monkey Jam Sour (Fresh Daquiri - UK only)
    You will be judged on Dilution, acidity, speed and temperature – this must be servable drink for a paying customer.

    The clock will stop when the drink is served up on to the bar counter with napkins and hands up.
  • You will be judged on speed, balance and taste – these must be servable drinks for a paying customer
  • The clock will stop when both drinks are served onto the bar counter with napkins and a hands-up
  • A total of 10 points are up for grabs
Final Challenge
A man making a cocktail


  • Only the contestants with the FOUR highest scores from the previous FIVE challenges will participate here
  • This round consists of two semi-finals with the winners of each then going head-to-head in a final
  • For each semi-final, you must make SIX drinks in the quickest time possible – you are allowed two minutes setting up time, but no pre-batching or glassware is allowed
  • The drinks are judged on correct ingredients, method and balance – the crowd can help judge too
  • If three drinks don’t pass the standard required, you will be disqualified
  • Disqualification will also occur if you fails to clean your station after their round, or if you break more than two items
  • In the final, the two contestants must make TEN drinks with the same rules applying as before
  • The judging of each round will be based on the ‘would I pay for it’ standard: it looks like the correct drink; it tastes like the correct drink; it has the correct garnish
  • In the event of a tie, it will come down to the quality of the drinks with the judges’ ruling being final
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